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Educational Advancement Solutions


We guide you towards the sustainability and development of your institution.




Developing the future of educational institutions.

In our consultancy, we strive to help schools and

universities to achieve their institutional development objectives sustainably.


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VIELKA MORALES Expert in the design of strategies 
and implementation of pragmatic solutions

Consultant with over 15 years of experience in Advancement in the educational sector. Our expertise lies in fundraising, alumni relations, and communications. We work closely with educational institutions to design, develop, and optimize fundraising programs that generate long-lasting impact.

Our strength lies in building strategic networks with potential sponsors and identifying common visions, opportunities, and objectives that motivate them to actively get involved in our clients' organizations. Through our years of experience, we have cultivated strong, long-lasting relationships, consistently driving extraordinary results.

We help our clients strengthen their fundraising initiatives, establish strategic connections with their graduates, and enhance their communications. We help them create a solid action plan and achieve their institutional development objectives effectively and sustainably.

OUR SERVICES: EDAS - Educational Advancement Solutions:


We support educational institutions in designing and implementing strategies that maximize their alumni community's engagement and sense of belonging. We create original initiatives that add value and tell a story, generating tangible and measurable benefits. We turn the alumni community into a significant source of sponsorship and financial support. We assist in developing and optimizing fundraising programs, connecting common visions, opportunities, and objectives to achieve sustainable and extraordinary results in a time befitting the organization's needs.

Training and professional development 

We offer our customers the instruction and tools for creating and implementing fundraising programs effectively and efficiently based on available resources. During our talks and training sessions, we provide educational institutions with specific strategies and action plans to engage and retain their alumni community so they can serve as a source of support both in voluntary personal involvement and financial sponsorship for the institution's development.

Department creation and structuring

We advise organizations on the creation and structuring of their advancement department with specific strategies and actions to be implemented from the first session, addressing the three fundamental pillars: 


  • Alumni Relations

  • Fundraising

  • Communications

Educational Advancement Solutions

Institutional advancement


EDAS Educational Advancement Solutions


Evaluation and improvement of fundraising strategies:

We review our client's current fundraising strategies and develop new initiatives to maximize the potential of the donations and sponsorships they may receive.

Identification of potential donors:

We guide you in identifying and connecting with potential donors, including graduates, companies, and foundations, who may be interested in supporting your institution.

Development of strategic communication plans

We develop long-term strategic communication plans to ensure coherent and effective communication with all stakeholders in your institution.

Design of fundraising campaigns:

We help create customized and effective fundraising campaigns for educational institutions using a variety of marketing tools and techniques.

Evaluation and improvement of alumni relations programs

We review and improve current alumni relations programs to generate greater commitment from them by increasing their participation and financial support for their alma mater.

Design and production of communication materials

We support them in the conceptualization to design and produce effective communication materials, such as newsletters, brochures and videos, to promote their institution and attract potential donors.

Training in fundraising:

We train fundraising teams on best practices and techniques to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. 

Communications training

We train communications teams on best practices and communication techniques to improve their ability to promote their institution.

Event and ceremony planning:

We help our clients plan and execute special events and ceremonies, such as alumni reunions, fundraising dinners, and recognition ceremonies, to help build relationships and raise funds.

Educational Advancement Solutions
We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities, and we work tirelessly to help our clients reach their full potential.
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